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Abani Fair Trade

Focus on women and disability

 Fair Trade EducationBangladesh is a strongly male dominated society, where women have limited rights, as well as limited access to education and employment.

 The social structure of Bangladesh gives women lower status than men. Amongst other concerns, this leads to women receiving lower pay than men, and families generally choosing to educate sons over daughters. According to UNDP, 95% of female headed households fall below the poverty line, and 75% of these women are divorced or widowed.

 10% of the population of Bangladesh are disabled (WHO) which amounts to approximately 14 million people. The stigma of disability often renders them unemployed, homeless and without hope.

 Women and disabled people are given the chance to work and to earn an income, they gain status and respect in their societies. They are able to support their families and benefit their communities. By earning their own income, women are able to break out their traditional gender roles and it helps the disadvantaged reduce some of the stigmas that exist within Bangladeshi society.